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Balloon Twisting

Looking for a way to attract attention at your next event? Get Total Kids Entertainment Balloon Twisting Services!


butterfly balloon art by Total Kids EntertainmentBalloon twisting is perfect for grand openings, fairs, school events and trade shows and is sure to attract attention at your next event!

Dynamic Dave, Amazing Ruth and Silly Janice have been performing balloon twisting for a combined 50 years and we would love to make your next event a huge success.  And best of all, WE LIKE TO HAVE FUN so we work hard to ensure that the kids have a blast as we make our balloon creations.

I’ll be perfectly honest though, if you are looking for balloon twisters that do huge balloon creations such as characters, bicycles, etc, we are not the company you should hire. HOWEVER, if you are looking for balloon twisters that can quickly perform balloon creations and move through a line of children, we are the company you should hire!  That is why many companies have us back year after year.



boy with a silly hat balloon creationAn example of some of the creations that we do are balloon swords and holsters, balloon animals, multi-colored butterflies, flowers, silly hats, princess wands, bows and arrows, dragons, fish on a fishing pole, etc.  Once again, we are quick so each creation usually takes about 20-45 seconds or so, which is perfect for events with many children in attendance.


“Thanks again for yesterday, you were a total hit!  I gave out all of your cards, including to a parent who wasn’t at our party but saw you from afar and said you looked amazing!”


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