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Preschool/School Shows

Education can be FUN with Total Kids Entertainment!

Total Kids Entertainment School ShowYou can bring laughter and fun to your school or preschool and give the children an incredible educational voyage at the same time. Give them a day they’ll be telling their parents about for weeks with Dynamite Dave and Total Kids Entertainment!

“Thank you so much for a wonderful time! You really were amazing with the kids and they had a blast! You did a great job at keeping them entertained.  We will definitely recommend you to everyone!”

I had received feedback from preschool teachers that they would love to see my shows incorporated into an educational show designed for preschools. So following the advice from my friend in Australia who had successfully been performing educational preschool and school shows Down Under, I decided to bring it to San Diego!

Total Kids Entertainment has THREE educational shows designed to keep kids engaged and  learning while having fun. Two of the shows feature important topics and the other show is for just having fun and being a kid. I use highly visual props, fun magic routines, either of my hilarious puppets Buster the Sheepdog or Rocky the Fox, and age-appropriate humor to keep the kids attentive and engaged.

“Chloe and her friends said that Sat. was one of the best parties ever! You certainly brought them joy, fun, and wonder. We hope to have you come again in the near future. Have a wonderful week.”

My three shows designed specifically for preschools and schools are:

a. The Little Buddies Show

– The Importance of Getting Along with Others

b. The Magical “Kids Love to Read” Show

– Readers Become Leaders

c. The Just for FUN Show

– Laughter and Fun for Everyone!

Performances are specially designed to appeal to different age groups, either preschool-age or elementary school-age children. The shows can also be tailored further to meet specific client requirements in relation to show content and show length.

Please contact me for further information about my children’s entertainment for schools, as well as for prices and availability.

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